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A wedding officiant is the second thing you need to be legally married. The county clerk of the state in which you are married is responsible for recording the marriage, after which you are legal. Until the marriage is recorded, you are not lawfully married.

This officiant can be a minister, priest or rabbi, an active or retired judge of any court of record, a Justice of the Peace, any city recorder or a magistrate. This applies to the state of Georgia, which is where I live. The rules for other states vary considerably and you would need to check locally for those.

You can get married by the clerk at the courthouse if you really don’t want any fuss, but most people want something more meaningful. Many of the people I know who were married that way said they didn’t really feel they were married, and because of that, wanted an actual wedding ceremony.

If you belong to any particular faith, you can often have the officiant of that church, synagogue, or mosque marry you, but they usually charge a fee for the use of the facilities and for their time. That usually works best for those who are active member of those facilities.

I am a non-denominational, inter-faith minister ordained through a group called Universal Brotherhood Movement Inc. I have been a minister since 1993 and have been a wedding officiant at hundreds of weddings, both traditional and inter-faith.

No pre-marital counseling is required. I can email you some of the pre-arranged wedding ceremonies that I like to use, or you can create your own from the extensive suggestions on this website. Check them out and see what you might like.

Either way, you can customize the perfect wedding ceremony that will reflect your own personality and spiritual preferences. A keepsake copy of the ceremony for your special day is given to you after the wedding is over. You can keep it to let the wedding officiant use in a recommitment ceremony on one of the anniversaries of your wedding later on in your life together.

One other choice you have is what robe I wear. The one on the left is my summer robe made of cotton and the one on the right is my winter robe made from a polyester fabric that is quite warm. I will only wear each in the appropriate season, but the mantles can be worn with either one if you have a preference.

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Alternative weddings by Rev. Roberts is available in Dawsonville, Ellijay, Jasper, Dahlonega, Cumming, Gainesville and any of the other surrounding north Georgia areas within a 30 mile radius of Amicalola Falls, GA. ALL couples welcome, including LGBT.

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Your choice of Robes

Winter Robe with velvet mantle

Summer Robe with lavender mantle

The mantles are interchangeable but the robes are not.

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