Amicalola Falls Georgia

(Serving the Amicalola Falls area in the North Georgia Mountains)

Since Amicalola Falls Georgia is my backyard, it is therefore my favorite place to officiate weddings. Here I am going to list several places in the park where you can have your wedding.

The first place is at the top of the falls, where you can see the beautiful North Georgia Mountains for miles around. There is a bridge there, and below it, the falls start their drop of 729 feet to the bottom.

You have to remember that if you have your wedding in the park, it is open to the public and therefore people will be walking around you. If you have it on a weekday, there are not usually all that many people there, and you basically have it to yourself, (except during the Fall season.) Usually, though, people are very respectful of you and stay back until the ceremony is over, since they are typically not that long.

There is another bridge in the center of the falls, which gives you the feeling of being in the midst of all the water. There are steps built into the sides of the falls to either go down to it or up to it, but that’s for athletic people only. There are 604 steps in all.

This bridge can also be accessed by an easy path going from a parking lot halfway up the mountain. The path is made of recycled rubber tires and is ADA accessible. I did one wedding with the groom in a wheelchair, so it is easy to traverse. Even my 83 year old father walked it with ease.

The last place is at the bottom of the falls where the reflection pool is located. This is quiet and peaceful, and I have done many weddings at the point where the water flows into the pond. You just have to share it with fisher folk sometimes!

It is very easy to drive over to and there is plenty of parking all around it. There are also pavilions in various places and some are enclosed with screens. The latter ones can be rented for a nominal fee, and they are a good rain option as well.

There are also lots of nooks and crannies here and there all over the park that can be utilized for weddings. You might want to come to the park beforehand and hike around to see if you spot a place that speaks to you particularly.

All of the places in the park are best used for small intimate weddings. If you have a large number of guests, you should probably go through the wedding coordinators in the Lodge at Amicalola Falls Georgia.

They can have your wedding outside on the veranda, which they close off during the ceremony. In case of inclement weather, there is a covered porch off to the side that can be utilized.

You can have a reception catered afterward in one of the meeting rooms on the lower level. There are several sizes from which to choose, depending on the number of guests that you have attending. They do an excellent job with the catering.

Of course, there is the Gazebo at the top by the Lodge for small weddings too, which can be rented out. If you are going to utilize any of the free places in the park, you must notify them of it. Here is the info from their web site:

"Outside ceremonies are allowed in the park at no additional charge with prior approval from the Group Sales. The two most popular places for ceremonies held in the park are the top of the falls and by the reflection pool near the base of the falls. The couple will need to write a letter explaining where they would like to have the ceremony. Any changes made to the area (decorations, music, chairs, tents, etc) are prohibited. The wedding party is also limited to ten people. It is important that the couple understands that day use areas are open to the public. They are non – reservable and cannot be blocked off in any way. Only bubbles may be blown in celebration of the nuptials. It is vital that the natural resources and facilities not be damaged in any way."

The Group Sales phone number is 1-800-573-9656

I hope this gives you an idea of the various places where you can have a wedding at Amicalola Falls Georgia. It is a beautiful park, and along with all the others in our state park system, it could use your financial help, since the state budgets have been cut so drastically. So come often, in every season, to enjoy the great outdoors.

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