Gay Wedding Ideas

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Here are some gay wedding ideas to help you plan a wedding for same-sex couples. Now that the law of the land makes this legal, I am more than happy to accommodate any LGBT couples who want to legalize their union. Fees and arrangements will be the same as those listed here for heterosexual couples.

When I lived in the metro Atlanta area in the 1990’s, I performed a number of commitment ceremonies for both gay and lesbian couples. Wordings from the ceremonies that I have listed on this site can be used for any type of wedding with a few tweaks.

Under “Wedding Vows,” I have listed all the parts that traditionally have been used to make up a ceremony, and you can mix and match those as you see fit to suit your Spiritual preference. This is your wedding, your way, so it can be however you want your gay wedding ceremony script to read.

As with all my couples, once you have made your choice of ceremony, I will personalize it and print it up on appropriate paper and put it in a white folder. Then I will use this to read during the ceremony. Afterward, it is yours to keep as a memento of the occasion.

The section under “Wedding Ceremony” lists ready-made ceremonies that can be used as is. If you prefer one of those, you can just change the wording as you like. Most same-sex couples chose to be pronounced “husband and husband” or “wife and wife,” as appropriate. However, some chose to use “committed life partners” or some variation of that.

Bear in mind that this is a LEGAL commitment now, with all the same rights and responsibilities as heterosexual unions. Therefore it is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but reverently, discreetly, and soberly (to use a phrase from one of the pre-made ceremonies.)

You can use all of the other sections of this site to find more gay wedding ideas for venues, receptions, food, etc. For those, it shouldn’t make any difference as to what kind of union it is, but you know how that goes. Check them out carefully.

Just like for any other marriage, you will need to have a valid marriage license, so visit that section to see what is required to obtain it. This site is pretty pervasive so it should have the answers to most any questions you might have for gay wedding ideas. If not, however, feel free to contact me through the form I have and we can discuss it further. Best wishes to you!

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