Christening Ceremony # 1

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Christening Ceremony

This Christening Ceremony # 1 gives you an idea of what the sequence of events should be.

Child’s name, we celebrate you!

Here you have arrived

To commune in love

To walk in trust

To rejoice in the truth of your being.(This part of Christening Ceremony # 1 is the Welcome or Opening.)

Whenever a new life appears upon the scene, such as this baby, a wonderful feeling comes over a soul viewing this new life, for we know that each is placed here on earth and given many talents. It is put in each to develop, and through its development, to bless humanity. That is the ordained purpose behind each life and that purpose can be accomplished only by that individual.

When we look upon this life and observe the positive qualities that make it meaningful, we see faith, hope, joy, aspiration, courage and love in operation. This is the beginning of consciousness participation.

In as much as all children are members of the kingdom of God, it is right and fitting that they be dedicated to right thinking. Therefore, as they grow in understanding, they may take their rightful place in the recognition of the One Spirit, the law of mind, thus growing up in that sense of oneness with all health, joy and substance which is their divine inheritance. In this section of Christening Ceremony # 1, this is the stated purpose of it.

Very soon you will hear child’s name ask “Who, or what, is God?”

The pine tree will softly sigh, “I am.” Child’s name will hear a rumbling in the distance as the mountain will reply, “I am.” In the jungle of grass and weed, a tiny ant will pause and declare, “I am.”

From a million light years away will come the burning answer of a star, “I am.” A turtle will poke his head out of his shell and say, “I didn’t understand the question!” Then child’s name will hear the soft, sweet voice of a bird chirp, “I am.”

A jackrabbit racing across the desert will call, “I am.” A grain of sand thrown up by the rabbit’s foot will shout, “I am.” The chorus will grow, as from everything, and everywhere, can be heard the same reply: “I am.” “I am.” “I am.”

The “I am” within this child will join the mighty chorus and be heard to say, “So am I!” Just for an instant, we will hear the whole universe quietly say it for all is God and God is all. This part of Christening Ceremony # 1 is a Reading or Poem.

Parent’s names: your child is not your child, he/she is the son/daughter of life’s longing for itself. He/she comes through you but not from you. And though he/she is with you, yet he/she belongs not to you.

You may give him/her your love, but not your thoughts. You may house his/her body but not his/her soul. For his/her soul dwells in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams. You may strive to be like him/her, but seek not to make him/her like you. For life goes not backward, nor tarries with yesterday.

You have taken upon yourselves a solemn responsibility in bringing this child into the world. You have shown your recognition of that responsibility in desiring to have him/her dedicated to the service of correct thought and right living according to his/her highest concept of God.

It is not enough to say that we believe in the principles of truth and love. There must be a daily living of these principles before the eyes of this child, for he/she will grow up to love this truth. Not so much for what is said about it, as from what he/she sees put into practice. I trust that you will pledge yourselves to surround this child with a happy, constructive atmosphere.

Please promise yourselves to keep yourselves and your conversation upon the beautiful, the happy, the loving and lovable things of life. I urge you to make a pact with each other to minimize discussion of the unreal, the limited, the morbid appearances of life, and to center your thought and conversation upon the beautiful and positive ideas of health, joy and love, and upon the daily expectancy of good. This is the Admonition part of Christening Ceremony # 1.

Will you _________ and ____________ as parents, and will you ________ and _________ as God parents/grandparents, teach this child that he/she is the expression of the one God and that he/she has the right to life, love and the full free flow of God’s spiritual substance taking form?

(All respond with “We do.”) This part of Christening Ceremony # 1 is the Parent's Pledge.

Then we dedicate this child, child’s name, to the service of Spirit that is forever and always. He/she will have the conscious nearness of the divine presence, that this home that is his/her body, shall have an uninterrupted awareness of harmony of spirit, which shall be manifested in perfect health, prosperity and happiness. The Dedication part of Christening Ceremony # 1 is what this is.

(At this point, hand the father the small silver bowl filled with water to hold. Taking a white rosebud in your hand, hold it up and say…)

This rose is the symbol of the purity of life, the beauty of form and the individualization of the eternal spirit.

(Dipping the rose in the water and gently setting it on the forehead of the child, continue…)

I therefore christen you, child’s name, in the name of the trinity: the father, the causative factor of life, and of the son, the Christ consciousness within you, and of the holy spirit, the moving creative principle of all life. This is the actual Christening part of Christening Ceremony # 1.

Recognizing the presence of Spirit as your spirit, of the universal mind as your mind and the eternal substance of God as your body, we know that never can you be separated from the divine presence itself.

Child’s name, your consciousness joined itself with flesh and in flesh, to experience a world of incredible richness, to help create a dimension of reality of colors and of form. Your consciousness was born in flesh to enrich a marvelous area of sense awareness to experience energy made into form. This is another Reading or Poem part of Christening Ceremony # 1.

You are not here to cry about the miseries of the human conditions but to change them when you find them not to your liking. You will do this through the joy, strength and vitality that are right now and always within you, so as to individualize the Spirit as faithfully and beautifully as you can in flesh. This is the Admonition to the Child part of Christening Ceremony # 1.

Child’s name, there is something within you which presses unceasingly to be acknowledged, to be contemplated, to be comprehended. You recognize that impelling impression to be God. You are endowed with the capacity to know the truth about God and thus about yourself, and this capacity enables you to contemplate its attributes, comprehend its magnitude and embrace its goodness.

You know that the qualities of God are the qualities of your being and this eternal truth is forever manifested with your consciousness and within your world. God has revealed itself by means of you, to you. In your consciousness you have an understanding that in God you live, in God you do move and in God you do have your being.

This is the truth about you now, and it will always be so. In joy and thanksgiving we rejoice and are glad. And so it is...amen. This final part is the Declaration of the Christening Ceremony # 1.

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