Christening Service # 3

(Serving the Amicalola Falls area in the North Georgia Mountains)


This Christening Service # 3 offers other examples that you can incorporate into your own ceremony.

Special song of your choice such as “Rhyme and Reason” by John Denver if desired.

Parent’s names, you have brought your daughter/son in the presence of friends and loved ones to celebrate the joyous expression of her/his life – life in the eternal dimensionless realm of spirit and life in the form of this precious, vibrant infant you now hold dear.

Life itself sometimes appears to be a flame burning itself out. Yet in those silent embers we see life rekindled anew every time a child is born. The dullest, most wan expression becomes vitally charged in the presence of childlike faith and eagerness. For it is said that, “Every child comes with the message that God is never discouraged of man.”

You as parents, have chosen the supreme privilege and challenge to guide and aid your daughter/son in her/his unfolding spiritual awareness. In the forthcoming years of life’s growth challenges for yourselves and your child, it may help you to tune in as much as is possible to the longing soul within this child. This is divine communion.

And through this you may hear her say as if in chorus with every soul: “I am the Child. All the world waits for my coming. All the earth watches with interest to see what I shall become. Civilizations hang in the balance. For what I am, the world of tomorrow will be. I am the Child.

I have come into your world, about which I know nothing. Why or how I came I know not consciously. I am curious. I am interested. You help mold with your hands my destiny. You help me shape my success. Give, I pray you, those things which increase my awareness of God. Train me, I ask you, that I may be the true salt of the earth, a light unto an awakening age. I am the Child. I am your child.”

Jesus called the little children unto himself as he said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not; for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” In this manner of ever-abiding love, we enter into this spiritual baptism – baptism not by water but as a spiritual affirmation of God’s presence.

(This part of the Christening Service is unique in that it doesn't use water.)

To parents: “What will you name this child?”

Parent’s answer: Child’s name

Child’s name, I baptize you in the light and awareness of your own indwelling Christ presence and in the power of beauty of our Wayshower, Jesus Christ. Child’s name, you are a child of the universe no less than the tress and stars. You have a right to be here.

If desired, parents can have a plant or flower of choice to present at this time.

And now, parent’s names, I want to bring out the symbol of unfolding life. This plant is called plant’s name. It flourishes from the direct constant rays of the sun. So too will child’s name flourish as she/he abides in a home that know the light in the touch of God.

As this plant unfolds, it requires proper pruning and watering to sustain its evolving expression. So too will child’s name need guidance to weed out the undesirable and promote a greater degree of identity to her/his Spirit within. As this plant stretches toward the sun, its soft blossoms unfold and multiply. So too will child’s name unfurl in spiritual awareness and in the utilization of her unique talents as she/he focuses on the radiant Christ light within.

Have parents face each other with the child in between.

Now will you each silently, from the stillness within, enfold child’s name in the light and warmth of your love.

Song: “Sabbath Prayer” from musical “Fiddler on the Roof” or other song of choice.

Let us now stand and bless parent’s names and child’s name with the Prayer for Protection.

Prayer for Protection

The light of God surrounds you;

The love of God enfolds you;

The power of God protects you;

The presence of God watches over you.

Wherever you are, God is

And all is well.

Child’s name, we welcome you to this expression of life and we bless you in your unfolding, ongoing journey in eternity. Amen.

Any part of this Christening Service can be combined with any other ones to make up the ceremony of your choice.

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