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Rules of Marriage - kissin

Rules of marriage for the wedding kiss – seems simple enough to do, right? Not necessarily.

There is one last part of the ceremony before the presentation, and that is the kiss. The minister or officiant will tell you when the two of you can kiss to seal your marriage.

Here’s a word of advice, especially for the grooms: kiss chastely. Unless it is an intimate wedding with just the two of you, your bride will most likely have had her hair and makeup done professionally before the wedding. That means that she will be wearing lots of make-up, especially lipstick.

Unless you kiss her lightly, you will end up with that lipstick all over your face as well as hers. I remember one wedding where the bride went running down the aisle with her hand over her mouth, leaving the groom just standing there while she went back to the dressing room “for repairs.”

Remember, there are going to be lots of pictures taken at this affair and if it is being video taped, the bride is going to be very embarrassed if her makeup is smeared. Save your passionate kisses for your honeymoon.

A word to the wise is sufficient. It just makes sense not to upset your future wife on the most important day of her life.

Now to some of the wording for this part of the ceremony.

1. Groom’s name, you may now kiss Bride’s name.

2. You may seal this marriage with a kiss….

3. Groom’s name, you may kiss your bride.

4. You may kiss.

As you can see, the wording on this part is very simple, and it should be done on cue from the minister. One couple kissed right after I pronounced them husband and wife.

I told them, “I didn’t say you could do that yet.” They looked at me with this deer-in-the-headlights stare and I said, “That means you have to do it again. You may now kiss your bride.”

They laughed and kissed again.

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